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Crystal's Creations stands by the quality, workmanship & fit of each & every creation,but we cannot be responsible for fees one incurs if they take one of our creations to another company for alterations.Give ample time to order creations in your size & if something is in need of adjustment, it will be taken care of at no extra charge.

Although fashions are not returnable, as they are all custom made or carefully made one by one, not massed produced,customer satisfaction is the utmost importance...therefore any adjustments needed will be taken care of at no extra cost. This does not include any extras you may wish to add or changes you decide to make once the fashion is completed per original order.

If you should decide to purchase a design which is already made up, Crystal's Creations will take care of minor alterations at no charge, if purchased in your size,with the exception of Close Outs,Showroom Models on sale & postage fees if give ample time.Must be returned within 10 days from arrival date.

Disclosure.....Rhinestones will, on occasion, fall off due to over-stress on an area, weather, or ones body chemistry.With normal use & care, the loss would be none to only minimum,maybe 1-6. The best glue, I have found to replace them is Unique Stitch which can be purchased at most fabric stores. If you can't find any in your area, contact Crystal's Creations at 440-327-7121 or 1-800-918-8897.

Privacy Policy: All information is kept confidential and is never sold, given or exchanged to third parties.
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