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Dance Styles


1. BALLROOM:  Learn ballroom style dancing with us. Private or semi private lessons are available by appointment.To join our group classes or Saturday workshops, click the events link above. 

2. SOCIAL:   Learn to dance for any social event, be it wedding, office party, Christmas party, New Years Eve, or on the town with friends.  At your next social event be able to get on the dance floor & really "enjoy" the music & become the envy of all your friends!

3. NITECLUB: Learn which dances will fit the type of music your favorite niteclub plays!

4. COMPETITIVE: Learn all the flashy, hot & current moves of competitive dancing or dancesport.  This style is very athletic, intense & artistic.


Imagine being able to float across the floor like Fred Astaire & Ginger Rogers on YOUR special day! Choreographing wedding routines from the very simple to the most breathtaking is one of my specialties. Learn some beautiful movements along with twirls,dips,& even lifts,if you wish, to put that extra fabulous touch to your reception.You will also have those moves to use & enjoy for the rest of your lives together!!

Do allow ample time least 6-10 sessions for a simple, yet elegant routine,20 sessions or better, if you wish for something more elaborate & showstopping!! And do it well before that last month, as you'll be so busy that month doing so many other things, you'll want to be well prepared with your dance & not stressed out.

Dancing well together takes time....

Whether it's for social, your wedding, or competitive all takes time to be really good.

The more you can practice in between your lessons, you will progress & learn at a much faster rate.

Try to utilize a balance of group, private, & getting out to use your dancing.This will also help you progress & learn this fabulous,passionate sport much faster!!

Dances available:
rumba, cha cha, samba, mambo-salsa, bolero

swing, west coast swing, merengue, hustle

foxtrot, waltz, tango, viennesse waltz

quickstep, polka & country two step.

For more advanced students: Although I teach all the above dances, my specialties are the rhythm dances: rumba, cha cha, bolero, mambo, samba and swing as well as theatrical dancing. My forte is also the American style.

I was with Fred Astaire studios for 14 years & have numerous awards for my teaching skills, as well as my professional & pro-am competitive.

I have been independent since 1994 & have a few venues for private, semi-private or small groups. Will also travel if you have a large club or group with a facility to work out of.

Do you have a larger group? Contact for arrangements.
For more information or to sign up for 440-327-7121

Classes are limited to 40 so that everyone can easily see the instructor and therefore...get the HIGHEST QUALITY instruction, plus more INDIVIDUALIZED ATTENTION!!.
7028 Wil Lou Lane
North Ridgeville, OH 44039

All fashions are not returnable as they are custom made, but customer satisfaction is of the utmost importance, therefore any adjustments needed will be taken care of no charge

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