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Why Should You Buy a Dance Fashion from Crystal's Creations?

Many of you have asked "How do you come up with your ideas and how do you find the time since you also teach ballroom dance?" here is a little story on how these fashions are created especially for YOU to LOOK and FEEL YOUR best as you glide across the floor in your waltzes and foxtrots or as YOU do your SIZZLING Latin dances!...

Existing creations you see pictured, plus one-of-a-kind custom designs which are created especially for YOU, so that you have a look that is truly YOURS alone, all start first with a VISION or in my IMAGINATION....

Sometimes these VISIONS will occur in the wee hours of the morning and are almost MAGICALLY created, not always with a set pattern, but like an painting ARTIST who takes his brush and creates...

Occasionally, the whole finished effect is clear in the VISION, but many times I just start cutting and magically creating! This is the way most existing fashions are done, but if YOU have ideas of your own, or a picture or sketch of what you would desire,YOU and I can work together on creating that DREAM fashion for YOU! Whatever you desire in your dance fashion...I can create for you!

Fabric chosen is very important, as the way the design is cut, or the skirt or sleeves styled, will sometimes only work with a particular weight of fabric. All fabrics chosen are the finest quality & stretchable,at least for the main body part, for total ease of movement and YOUR comfort.Also, since they are of stretchable fabrics, if you gain or lose a few pounds, they will still fit! Each and every design created will assure that you're in comfort as well as absolutely gorgeous!!!

Once the main fashion is designed, cut and sewn, plus to your specific measurements, if it is being made specifically for YOU.... working with your figure type, personality, dance or dances you're performing your budget!

Then come the placement of the fine embellishments...

Only the finest Austrian Swarovski rhinestones, beads, feathers & other fine embellishments are used to create the dance fashion of YOUR dreams! These embellishments are like the icing on the cake! You might wish just a touch or maybe absolutely dripping in rhinestones and beads. The choice is up to you! Either way is elegant and acceptable to the judges eye!

I know, sometimes teachers will have their preferances on what they like, but if YOU feel more comfortable with less stones or a different look than what they might prefer, it's best to go with what YOU feel most comfortable in, or come to a compromise on their ideas on a fashion for you.Some of my students are totally open & leave the designing for what they will wear for their dance events totally up to me, and some have definite ideas, such as just a little stonework and conservative. Remember...YOU have to FEEL YOUR best to DANCE YOUR best!!

The Swarovski rhinestones are very expensive, plus take a lot of time to put on... so if you ever wonder why the fashions are sometimes so expensive, that is part of the reason. And, naturally, the more rhinestones and hand beading that are put on a creation, the more expensive it will be. The rhinestones are lovingly put on one by hand with a tweezer, carefully placed to enhance each particular fashion and to compliment it's lines plus to ensure that YOU look like a million dollars when you step onto that floor!!

The beading is also hand sewn...each one hand strung and sewn, by YOUR creator, myself, and when needed a few choice helpers, not on mass production...

This way, I know it's done to my high standards of quality workmanship for YOU.

Finally... if wanted, needed or wished.... delicate, beautiful, feathers or other embellishments, such as silk flowers... are carefully chosen, placed and hand sewn.

Once YOUR special fashion is done... it is very carefully and lovingly packaged for protection on it's way to YOU!

Customer service & YOUR satisfaction are both a #1priority, so any adjustments needed are done no extra charge to YOU!
iphone 440-213-6872
7028 Wil Lou Lane
North Ridgeville, OH 44039

All fashions are not returnable as they are custom made,or one of a kind pieces of art...not massed produced...
but customer satisfaction is of the utmost importance, therefore any adjustments needed will be taken care of no charge

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