Base Dresses

This page is dedicated to several designs that are a great base dress to either wear as is, if you are a beginner show dancer, if you prefer simplicity, or to have embellished from a simple touch to as fabulously ornate as you desire to create the dance fashion of your dreams! There is also the option to stone them yourself if you are creative.

Put your own creativity into your costume and save some $$$. This page offers styles that are very easy to work with for placement of stones. Designs shown can be done in most any color, prints, or combination of colors….plus variations can be done! Prices may vary in choices of fabrics.

Most of the dresses…without stonework…or…maybe just a touch… would also work as a social dress!

This page also gives ideas of stonework from simple to very ornate…and what a base dress is…so you can pick a base design & we can create a unique work of art truly yours alone!

Many of the dress designs on this page can be custom made for you in 21 days or less, with an extra fee, when expressly accepted by Crystal’s Creations. This is the Express Dress Service.

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