Don’t want to commit to a purchase of the higher priced fashions….or would like to wear a different look for every event? These fashions can be rented…with the option to purchase. The prices below are for a one week rental.

Rental Policy
Policy for renting would be cash, check or money order for rental fee, plus a security deposit check for the balance of purchase price to be held until fashion is returned…undamaged.You have 8 days from the rental day to return, Unless otherwise specified. A $25 per day late fee would be assessed.
If fashion(s) are not returned within 30 days, unless otherwise notified, it will be assumed that item(s) have been purchased & the security check will be cashed.
There are no refunds on rentals.

An asterisk(*) next to the name of a dress denotes the original dress is available & can be delivered quickly, overnight, if need be. Fashions that have been sold can be custom created in other colors & variations by calling Linda at 440-327-7121.Overnight delivery needs to be called in, as well.

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