Ballroom Dresses for the Curvy Ballroom Dancer

Ballroom Dresses for the Curvy Ballroom Dancer

For all of you gorgeous & voluptuous ballroom dancers! If you're somewhere in between a teeny tiny ballroom dancer & a plus size ballroom dancer, then our Ballroom Dresses for the Curvy Ballroom Dancer is for YOU!  A few of the dresses in this collection are also on markdown! These ballroom, Latin/rhythm & tango dresses range in sizes 9/10-15/16. Size 9/10 will fit best on a ballroom dancer with a c-dd cup in this collection.

I know in conversations with a few of my clients, especially some of my newest, that it can be frustrating finding a ballroom, Latin/rhythm or tango dress that fits & is also flattering! Being a curvy ballroom dancer myself, even in my prime competitive days when I was size 3/4-5/6, however, very well endowed, with measurements being 36"/18"/36", it would have been impossible to find a ballroom dress to fit me properly. So, I understand completely what all of you curvy ballroom dancers need & desire for a ballroom, Latin/rhythm or tango dress!

If you can't find one already made in this special collection/page I have put together of dresses already made for the curvy ballroom dancer, I can custom create excatly what you desire, even if you're overall very tiny yet very curvy! Just allow at least 8 weeks for a custom created ballroom, Latin/rhythm or tango dress.

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