Swarovski Custom Created Earrings & Ballroom Dance Accessories

Custom created Swarovski earringsCheck out a few styles to choose from, with your color choice! Look for more earring styles as well as other accessories soon! 



  • Neckpieces & Wristbands

    Do you have a simple ballroom or Latin dress that just needs some pizazz? Custom ballroom dance neckpieces & arm embellishments can be created especially for you! Prices range from $150.00 & up.

  • Glamour Totes

    Glamour ballroom dance totes can be custom created for you, to match your dresses, if you desire! Pricing ranges from $50.00 & up.

  • Glamour Robes

    Have something elegant custom made especially for you to cover your dress while you dine plus give you a bit of warmth when you are not competing! Pricings range from $175.00 & up