4-10 weeks notice is usually required for a custom order, depending on current orders, so keep that in mind! In most cases, we will be able to have your custom order done 1-2 weeks ahead of time your item is needed. However, if other custom orders come in that need to be done at an earlier date, you will have your custom order at least 5-7 days ahead of your event.

Custom orders valid only when expressly accepted by Crystal's Creations

If you choose to go against our recommendations of which fabrics to use to create your dress, we have the right to not accept your order. Furthermore, if we accept your order & had purchased the chosen fabrics, trims & such, then you decide you want Crystal's Creations to use other fabrics not recommended by us, we will not be responsible & can ask you to take & have it made or completed elsewhere.

Custom work, other work done on dresses or dresses left with Crystal's Creations to be altered or embellished need to be paid for & picked up within 3 months of drop off time, or there will be a storage fee of $25.00 per month per item. If circumstances should arise such as illness & other emergencies, time can be extended by getting written approval from Crystal's Creations or Linda Crystal

Custom work is to be paid by cash or check.
5% will be added if you choose to pay by credit card.
Quotes given are good for 6 months.

Only one Gift Card/Certificate can be used for each purchase.

Gift Cards or Certificates won in any contests or awarded to you can only be used on existing dresses or custom orders, not any Earrings, Embellishing, Rhinestone Work, Transformations or alterations.