Terms & Conditions

Crystal's Creations will not be responsible for fees one occurs if you take one of our dresses to someone else for alterations or repairs.

Some individuals may have a certain body chemistry (very rare), that may cause some fabrics to change color in the underarm area or cause the stonework to tarnish...if you think you may be one of those individuals, wear underarm shields, wash or have fashion laundered after each use... or both.

If you should decide to purchase a design which is already made up, Crystal's Creations will take care of minor alterations at no charge,& postage fees if given ample time &  if purchased in your size, with the exception of Ballroom Dresses on Sale or Showroom Dresses on sale  The item must be returned within 10 days from arrival date for any adjustments needed.

Disclosure.....Rhinestones will, on occasion, fall off due to over-stress on an area...if tugged, rubbed or pulled at...or if the dress is overly tight on ones body... or, in rare instances, ones body chemistry. So, if your dress fits correctly & you are losing a significant amount of stonework, it may be a defective tube of glue, so contact us immediately so we can remedy the situation. With normal use & care, the loss would be none to only minimum, maybe 1-6.

Crystal's Creations will not be responsible for loss of rhinestone work & beading or tears from misuse your dress or if you purchased it in a size too small.

The best glue, I have found, to replace rhinestones is Gem Tack which can be purchased at most fabric or craft stores. It is also safe to use & non toxic...as far as dangerous fumes to breathe in that many other glues contain for doing rhinestone work that many other companies use. If a product compromises ones health...I will not use or promote it! If you can't find any in your area, contact Crystal's Creations at 440-327-7121

Custom work, other work done on dresses or dresses left with Crystal's Creations to be altered or embellished needs to be paid for & picked up within 8 months of drop off time, or there will be a storage fee of $25.00 per month per item.