Dress Exchanges

Customer satisfaction is a priority. So, although most fashions or dresses are not returnable, as they are all artistically hand crafted & carefully made one by one, not massed produced, with customer satisfaction being the utmost importance... any adjustments needed will be taken care of at no extra cost.

If, however, you receive a dress you really feel doesn't look right on you, it can be exchanged for a dress or other items of equal value or more. We must be notified of this exchange within 24 hours of receiving the dress or dresses. The dress or dresses must be on their way back to Crystal's Creations within 3 days of notification, unless there is some sort of emergency cleared & accepted by Crystal's Creations.

The dress or dresses sent back must be sent in it's original garment bag. If there is any damage done to the dress, such as missing beads, rhinestones, ripped, soiled or any other damage, fees will be charged.

If the dress or dresses are kept over a weekend, Friday-Sunday, before sending back, a rental fee, no less than $100.00 & no more than $250.00 per dress may be charged.

If a dress or other items need to be overnighted to you, there is a minimum fee of $45.00

If the dress you are exchanging was purchased on the Shop Pay Installments Plan, there will be fees incurred of 6%.