Ballroom Dresses in Progress

Here are a few of the latest ballroom dresses, Latin/rhythm dresses & tango dresses in progress or before they are blinged up to be competition & showcase ready!

Check back to see how they progress!  If you have an interest before these ballroom dresses & Latin/rhythm dresses are finished, you can call Linda Crystal at 440-327-7121

White Swan Ballroom Dress in Progress

I have just started White Swan in between my custom orders. Right now, the feathers are just pinned on, need to be sewn, then the dress will be adorned with rhinestone work. I'm thinking rhinestones of either crystal, crystalAB, a light blue or a combination. It will fit a size 1/2-5/6. If this gorgeous white dress is of interest to you, & you would like to customize how much rhinestone work & what color, call Linda Crystal at 440-327-7121

Nathara, Ballroom Dress in Progress

I'm calling this green ballroom dress in progress "Nathara". It's almost complete! I think I'm going to add a bit of rhinestone work on the sequined overlay, even though it has plenty of hand beading. Also, I'm experimenting with more floats of purples, pinks & greens. If this piques your interest, call Linda Crystal at 440-327-7121

Golden Tigress Ballroom Dress in Progress

Just fairly recently started Golden Tigress Ballroom dress in between custom orders & such! For the rhinestone work, I'm currently thinking hematite, gold aurum, along with some yellow. Check back on it or call 440-327-7121

  • This green ballroom dress created of an apple green glitter slinky with sequined insets is about midway in progress. All of the silk flowers need to be sewn on. I will also be adding more small floats in pink, orchid & possibly the green. I'm also debating about making up some detachable larger floats so that the dress can also be used for standard ballroom dancing.

These Tropical Print Ballroom Dresses & Latin-Rhythm Dresses are finished!

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  • Keily Tropical Print Latin-Rhythm-Dress in Progress

    This very colorful tropical-print Latin-rhythm dress with deep purple color block side was gorgeous just as is for any Latin-rhythm, samba or tropical evnt, however, I have started to do some Swarovski hand beading to get it competition or showcase ready! I may put rhinestone work on it as well! It will fit a size 5/6-9/10 if you have an interest, call Linda Crystal at 440-327-7121 Bead work is done, check Keily out!

  • Teal tropical print Latin-rhythm-samba dress, with shimmery silver accents, lovely as is, however, I intend to add some bling to make it competition ready

    Teal Tropical Print Latin-Rhythm-Samba Dress in Progress!

    It's lovely as is, however, I plan on putting some bling on it to make it competition and showcase ready! Interested? Shall I put just a touch of bling or go with fabulously ornate? It will fit a more voluptuous size 5/6-9/10 with a c-dd cup size. Call Linda Crystal at 440-327-7121

  • Tropical print rumba-bolero-tango dress of greens, magenta & fuchsia on a black background with lots of flounces & black lace inset in back skirt in progress

    Tropical Orchids Latin-Tango Dress in Progress

    This gorgeous Tropical print dance dress is perfect for rumbas, boleros & even American style ballroom tango! Interested in having a hand into how much bling I put on it to make it competition and showcase ready or even like it as is for your self? It will fit size 5/6-9/10. Call Linda Crystal at 440-327-7121 Tropical Orchids now has rhinestone work added into the black lace inset in the back skirting.

  • Teal tropical print ballroom dress with oodles of flounces is lovely as is, however, I intend to put some bling on it & get it ballroom competition or showcase ready!

    Kailani Tropical Print Ballroom Dress in Progress

    Although lovely as is with all of the gorgeous teals & greens with the tropical print, as well of oodles of flounces that will flow beautifully for your waltzes & foxtrots, I intend to put some hand beading & rhinestone work on it. It will fit size 9/10-13/14. Interested?Give Linda Crystal a call at 440-327-7121

Past Dresses in Their Progress

I thought it would be fun as well as interesting for you to see how a ballroom, Latin/rhythm or tango dress is made & progresses from beginning to the final work of ballroom dress art!

If you would like to see how some of the other dresses progressed, take a little tour!

Past Ballroom Dresses in Progress