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Check out our Silver Swirls Collection! These Ballroom Dresses, Latin/Rhythm Dresses & Tango Dresses are sure to catch the judges eye!

Ballroom Dresses in Progress!

Here are a few ballroom dresses, Latin/rhythm dresses & tango dresses in progress, most in the beginning stages. I thought it would be fun as well as interesting for you to see how a ballroom, Latin/rhythm or tango dress is made & progresses from beginning to the final work of ballroom dress art!

Check back to see how they progress!  If you have an interest before these ballroom dresses & Latin/rhythm dresses are finished, you can call Linda Crystal at 440- 327-7121

Just recently started Golden Tigress Ballroom dress! Check back on it or call 440-327-7121

Working on 2 more for the "Elektra Latin/Rhythm/Tango Dress Collection"!  These are in the pinning stages!

3 more for the "Elektra Latin/Rhythm/Tango Dress Collection"

5 different colors, as well as many styles & sizes will be in this gorgeous Latin/Rhythm/Tango dress collection! Some will have just a touch of hand beading, some will be created on nude illusion or black stretch mesh bases & be fabulously ornate! These dance dresses would be fabulous for a dance studio formation, as well as individual dance routines!  

Most others on this page are either finished are almost finished. This Magenta Converta Ballroom Dress is one of the newest in progress.

 "Ivy" is almost complete! I'm still doing some rhinestone work, and also thinking of adding a detachable underskirt in that deep green with horsehair, so that you can have two different looks! Look for it soon at the website or call Linda Crystal at 440-327-7121 if it piques your interest!

"Ivy" is complete!

 I'm calling this green ballroom dress in progress "Nathara". It's almost complete! I think I'm going to add a bit of rhinestone work on the sequined overlay, even though it has plenty of hand beading.

This Aqua Ballroom Dress with feathers will eventually have a name. It's just in the beginning stages with the pieces cut & pinned on the nude illusion bodysuit along with the feathers. Next, I will do the sewing, then embellish with Swarovski rhinestone work!  

This one is actually complete now & ready to go up! Look for more photos & details soon!

Take a look at the completed Aqualina Ballroom Dress!

And here is the gorgeous rose pink converta dress in further progress, featuring flounces in pinks & yellows of a beautiful textured oriental flower print chiffon. The smooth skirt for waltzes & foxtrots was created of a delicately fine sequined fabric with the 4" horsehair edging. Once the sewing is complete, it will be adorned with Swarovski rhinestone work in pinks & yellows.

 Gorgeous Rose Converta Ballroom dress is almost complete. It just needs some Swarovski rhinestone work at the bottom peaks of the Latin/rhythm dress portion.

Take a peek at how our "Silver Swirls Ballroom Dress Collection" was created!