Ballroom Dresses in Progress

Discover a collection of breathtaking ballroom dresses, Latin/rhythm dresses, and tango dresses that are currently being crafted. Look forward to witnessing these stunning creations as they are transformed into dazzling competition and showcase-ready dresses!

Check back to see how they progress!  If you have an interest before these ballroom dresses & Latin/rhythm dresses are finished, you can call Linda Crystal at 440-327-7121

  • Pink Ballroom Dress in Progress

    So fabulous for an all round ballroom competition, bolero, rumba, or a special solo ballroom routine, this shimmering pink ballroom dress in progress is created from pink shattered glass hologram lycra overlaid artistically on a nude color stretch mesh sheer base with yards of pink tricot chiffon cut to give a soft feathery look in the skirting & arm flounce embellishments! Next comes the thrilling part of rhinestone work & hand beading!

    This one will also have the ability to be a converta ballroom dress with a longer underskirting, if you desire!

    If interested Contact Us!

  • Pink Converta Ballroom Dress In Progress

    Fall in love with our stunning pink converta ballroom dress! From its early stages, this dress is designed to make you feel like a true goddess. The combination of deep pink glitter chiffon, gold lame', and gold lace on a soft pink sheer mesh stretch base is simply mesmerizing. Once the sewing is finished, get ready to shine and sparkle with the bling! Contact if interested!

  • Pink Latin-Rhythm Dress in Progress

    Experience the allure of this pink Latin-rhythm dress as it begins its journey to perfection. With a meticulous design, pink hologram lycra is skillfully cut and overlaid on a pink sheer stretch mesh base. The dress features long sleeves and a keyhole back, exuding elegance and sophistication. Once the exquisite rhinestones and beadwork are added, this dress will captivate and impress all who lay eyes on it! Contact if interested!

  • Behold, yet another magnificent dance dress in stunning pink and gold! With its captivating pink hologram lycra and elegant gold lame', this dress is an absolute showstopper. The artful cut and overlay on a soft pink stretch mesh sheer base, along with the long sleeves and keyhole back, make it truly exceptional. Will it be the perfect choice for a Latin-rhythm dance or a captivating converta ballroom dress? The possibilities are endless!

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  • Pink Latin-Rhythm Dress

    Embark on a whirlwind journey into the realm of fashion allure with this soft pink Latin-rhythm dress! This extraordinary piece, in it's beginning stages, in an enchanting soft pink hue, is guaranteed to make your heart do a happy dance. Its gossamer-like stretch fabric is adorned with glimmering sequin embroidery, unleashing a playful and whimsical charm that takes this already stunning dress to new heights. And here's a little secret: the long sleeves of this marvel have been proven to work wonders on one's ballroom dancing prowess. Oh, and let's not forget about the 3 fabulous pink converta style skirts just waiting for their perfect match to create a converta ballroom dress, if you desire! Trust me, it's a fashion love story in the making!

    Contact if you are interested!

  • White Swan Ballroom Dress is Almost Complete

    Once upon a time, amidst my custom orders, I birthed this whimsical wonderland named White Swan! Just imagine it, the feathers were playfully pinned onto the dress, awaiting their destiny to be sewn on and bejeweled with glorious rhinestone glamour. Ah, the options for rhinestones were as vast as the sky - crystal, crystal AB, a gentle light blue, or perhaps a fusion of them all. And lo and behold, that's exactly what I settled on!It will fit a size 1/2-5/6. 

    If this gorgeous white dress is of interest to you, Contact Us

    Take a peek at White Swan now! It is now close to complete!

  • Black Latin Rhythm Dress in Progress is Complete-Idalia

    The beginnings of a sultry black Latin-rhythm dress with just a touch of silk sunflowers! I had a few visions of how the finishing & rhinestone work would be done!

    will fit size 3/4-7/8

    Fall in love with Idalia, which is now finished! The Latin-rhythm dress crafted with elegance and glamour. 

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  • Ballroom Dress in Progress

    I just started a very cool ballroom dress with a sunflower bathing suit over a nude color mesh base with black charmeuse panels & a touch of yellow chiffon panels, which will be so awesome when finished! Panels are just pinned, need to be sewn & I might add more before I start the bling work!

  • Sunflower Latin-Rhythm Dress in Progress is Complete-Mirasol

    If you have a fondness for summer, sunflowers, and a bit of risque' Latin-rhythm fashion, then this dress might be perfect for you! It showcases meticulously hand-crafted silk petals, along with extensive & stunning Swarovski rhinestone accents and intricate hand beading.It will fit size 1/2-5/6.

    See the next phase with some hand beading!

    Finished! Checkout Mirasol!

  • Sunflower Ballroom Dress in Progress is Complete-Sunflower Princess!

    I had many visions in mind of how I would be adding to & finishing up this fun & summery ballroom dress! It will fit size 7/8-11/12 I've been having so much fun hand crafting small petals which needed to be hand sewn on. Then I bedazzled with lots of Swarovski rhinestones in shades of brown flare & yellow citrine!

    Be a Sunflower Princess!

    Take a peek at Sunflower Ballroom Dress in Progress!

  • Sunflower All Around Ballroom Dress is Complete-Vanalika

    I had major visions on how this all around ballroom dress would progress & be finished! It would be absolutely gorgeous! Lots of sparkle comes from the detailed rhinestone work done in emerald green, soft yellow & brown, as well as hand beading in emerald green faceted Swarovski beads & black teardrop shape beads.

    It will fit size 9/10-13/14. Take a peek at the next phase of Sunflower All around Ballroom Dress!

    Finished & named Vanalika, meaning Sunflower!

  • Green Ballroom Dress in Progress-Nathara

    I'm calling this green ballroom dress in progress "Nathara". It's almost complete! I think I'm going to add a bit of rhinestone work on the sequined overlay, even though it has plenty of hand beading. Also, I'm experimenting with more floats of purples, pinks & greens.

    If this piques your interest, Contact Us

  • Golden Tigress Ballroom Dress in Progress

    Imagine the scene - it all started this past year, when I delved into crafting this extraordinary Golden Tigress Ballroom dress. In between handling custom orders like a pro, I artfully combined a nude illusion stretch mesh with a lustrous gold hologram tiger print lycra. Then, I added layers of enchanting black chiffon and sequined chiffon for that extra oomph! And when it comes to the rhinestone magic, I'm currently envisioning a captivating fusion of hematite, glimmering gold aurum, and a touch of sunny yellow!

    Check back on it or Contact Us if you have an interest

These Tropical Print Ballroom Dresses & Latin-Rhythm Dresses are finished!

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  • Keily Tropical Print Latin-Rhythm-Dress in Progress

    This very colorful tropical-print Latin-rhythm dress with deep purple color block sides was gorgeous just as is for any Latin-rhythm, samba or tropical event, however, I have started to do some Swarovski hand beading to get it competition or showcase ready! I may put rhinestone work on it as well! It will fit a size 5/6-9/10

    Bead work is done, check Keily out!

  • Teal tropical print Latin-rhythm-samba dress, with shimmery silver accents, lovely as is, however, I intend to add some bling to make it competition ready

    Teal Tropical Print Latin-Rhythm-Samba Dress in Progress!

    Oh, this Latin-rhythm dress is already a stunner with its delightful hand beading that was done by yours truly. But hold up, because I have big dreams for it! I'm going to jazz it up with some extra bling so it can compete with the best and shine like a star on the competition dance floor! Interested? Shall I put just a touch of bling or go with fabulously ornate? Kahula will fit a more voluptuous size 5/6-9/10 with a c-dd cup size.

    Contact if you have an interest

  • Tropical print rumba-bolero-tango dress of greens, magenta & fuchsia on a black background with lots of flounces & black lace inset in back skirt in progress

    Latin-Tango Dress in Progress is Complete-Tropical Orchids

    Indulge in the beauty of our exquisite tropical print ballroom dance dress, meticulously crafted for rumbas, boleros, and even American style ballroom tango. Should you be interested in influencing the amount of bling adorning the dress, ensuring its readiness for competitions and showcases, we welcome your involvement, or even like it as is for your self?

    Contact Us It will fit size 5/6-9/10.

    Tropical Orchids has rhinestone work added into the black lace inset in the back skirting.

  • Teal tropical print ballroom dress with oodles of flounces is lovely as is, however, I intend to put some bling on it & get it ballroom competition or showcase ready!

    Tropical Print Ballroom Dress in Progress is Complete-Kailani

    Although lovely as is with all of the gorgeous teals & greens with the tropical print, as well of oodles of flounces that will flow beautifully for your waltzes & foxtrots, I intend to put some hand beading & rhinestone work on it. I could bedazzle it a little or a lot! It will fit size 9/10-13/14. Interested?

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Past Dresses in Their Progress

I thought it would be fun as well as interesting for you to see how a ballroom, Latin/rhythm or tango dress is made & progresses from beginning to the final work of ballroom dress art!

If you would like to see how some of the other dresses progressed, take a little tour!

Past Ballroom Dresses in Progress