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Ballroom Dresses in Progress!

Here are a few ballroom dresses in progress, most in the beginning stages. Check back to see how they progress!  If you have an interest before these ballroom dresses & Latin/rhythm dresses are finished, you can call Linda Crystal at 440- 327-7121

This Aqua Ballroom Dress with feathers will eventually have a name. It's just in the beginning stages with the pieces cut & pinned on the nude illusion bodysuit along with the feathers. Next, I will do the sewing, then embellish with Swarovski rhinestone work!


For now, I'm calling this one Silver Swirls & envision it as either a fabulous solo ballroom dance dress or it will be great for an all around ballroom dance division as well! It will be embellished with the deep turquoise & blue Swarovski rhinestone work!

Currently, there are 4 dresses that will make up the "Silver Swirls" Ballroom Dress Collection! Look for them soon with all details!

Now complete, with Swarovski rhinestone work done in zircon & capri blue, I'm calling this one Adella. It features lots of beautiful flounces in various deep blue organzas, some textured & glittery or shimmery! It will be a very striking dress on the ballroom dance floor!


The start of a Latin/rhythm Silver Swirls Collection dance dress, for now, just pinned on pieces.

Phase two of this Silver Swirls Collection Latin/rhythm dress, pieces are all sewn on, now to start the Swarovski rhinestone work & hand beading in emerald green!

Getting close to complete on this Silver Swirls Collection Latin rhythm dress. The Swarovski rhinestone work is complete, unless I decide to add a bit more as I move on to the Swarovski hand beading.

This Silver Swirls will be a Converta Ballroom Dress, & planning on 3 different skirts to start. So far, this hot pink that will have some crystal teardrop shape Swarovski rhinestones through out the petal flounces!

This was Phase 1 of what now is a gorgeous rose pink converta ballroom dress in progress! When I started, I had a few options in mind of where to go with it from here.


And here is the gorgeous rose pink converta dress in further progress, featuring flounces in pinks & yellows of a beautiful textured oriental flower print chiffon. The smooth skirt for waltzes & foxtrots was created of a delicately fine sequined fabric with the 4" horsehair edging. Once the sewing is complete, it will be adorned with Swarovski rhinestone work in pinks & yellows.