• Have Swarovski Rhinestone Work Added

    Do you have some favorite ballroom dresses or Latin/Rhythm dresses here that you absolutely love the color & style, however wished it had more bling? That can be done for an extra fee. Swarovski rhinestone work is a specialty!

    You can also have Swarovski rhinestone work and/or hand beading added to an existing dress or article of your own!

  • The Latest News!

    For tips such as...

    "Create a Converta Ballroom Dress"
    "How to Replace Rhinestones" , "Quickly Shorten a Flouncy or Ruffly Dress" , or if you would like "More Embellishments" on a dress you have or one of the simpler ones at our site,& more, visit our Blogs

  • Transformations of Ballroom Dresses

    You might wish you could quickly transform your existing smooth ballroom dress to a standard international style ballroom dress with detachable floats!

    Do you have a beautiful cocktail dress that you would love to have transformed into a ballroom dress? Crystal's Creations can do that for you! Or, do you have or see a simpler ballroom dress, Latin/rhythm dress or tango dress that you would love to be more ornate? Look at a few! The possibilities are endless!