More Embellishing of a Ballroom or Latin-Rhythm Dress

Would you like to up date a ballroom dress you have? Or…do you see a ballroom dress or a Latin dress that you really love the overall look of, but desire more Swarovski rhinestone work or hand beading? Have more Swarovski rhinestone work, hand beading or other embellishments added to your ballroom dress or any existing ballroom dress, Latin dress or tango dress you see at the site!

  • Flirty-n-Fringy

    Penny from Powell Ohio recently purchased two dresses & had more embellishments added! One is the turquoise Flirty-n-Fringy Latin-rhythm dress. Penny loved it, however wanted a bit more coverage, so, we added some insets with more rhinestone work within the lattice work and a hand beaded panel in the left thigh area, along with shoulder hand beaded embellishments & wrist bands for her competition adventures! Doesn't she look absolutely gorgeous & stunning!

    Plus, I created a custom Latin-rhythm shirt for her instructor, Kyle! They look amazing together!

  • Plum Delight

    Penny from Powell, Ohio also recently purchased Plum Delight ballroom dress. She decided she needed more coverage on her arms, wanted a bit more skin showing through the bodice and also wanted more bling, so I took the small floats from the wrist bands & made them into upper arm embellishments, cut out the sides, put nude stretch mesh illusion in, plus added larger Swarovski rhinestones in orchid AB, CAB & other shades of purple ! As you can see...really gave it the WOW factor!


Saharah is just one of several I have taken from a base stage or a Social Ballroom Dance Dress...and embellished in stages!

What I added to Saharah!

The upper left photo is the basic or social dance dress, which was lovely for social dances or beginner ballroom dance showcase & competitive dancers... before embellishments of olivine Swarovski rhinestone work & pink silk flowers with a touch of shades of pink Swarovski rhinestones were added to get it competition or showcase ready! If you desire, more Swarovski rhinestone work can be added to make it really pop, sparkle & shine on the competition dance floor! That would be an extra fee.

More Rhinestones or Hand Beading

Rhinestone work, hand beading, as well as feathers, flounces or fringe can be added to most of Crystal's Creations Base Ballroom Dance Dresses or Social Ballroom Dresses  or one of your own, to turn them into a Ballroom Show Dress of your dreams! See a few examples!

More rhinestone work or hand beading can always be added!