Transformation of Ballroom Dresses

Do you have an existing dress, whether it be a ballroom, Latin/rhythm, tango dress that needs a new look or even a cocktail dress that you would love transformed into a ballroom dance work of art? You might even have a ballroom, Latin/rhythm or tango dress that needs updated! If you have a dress with flounces, ruffles or feathers & you wish to just have that changed to fringe, maybe? Or vice/versa! This is a specialty of Crystal's Creations! There are so many possibilities when I work my ballroom dress revamp magic!! 

  • Transformation of a Cocktail Dress

    For one of my newest clients, Anna, she had a black cocktail dress worn at a wedding, & I transformed it into a ballroom dress for her 1st ballroom dance competition. I added sheer stretch mesh long sleeves & bodice inset, added black flounces around the bottom, then embellished with Swarovski rhinestone work in amethyst, orange hyacinth & some crystal ab's. And, voila!

  • Have Floats Added to Existing Dresses

    This is what the blue ballroom dress, Lucy would look like with floats. This is just one option! Rhinestone work & beading could also be added to Lucy or other basic ballroom dresses.

  • Have Floats Added to Your Ballroom Dress

    Would you like some floats that can be detachable added to your smooth ballroom dress so that you can utilize it to dance standard ballroom? That can be done as well! I added these for one of my clients, Pat. Pricing on floats is $75.00 & up, depending on how many & if you furnish the fabric or we do.


I took this simple & elegant tye dye glitter slinky bodysuit & Latin-rhythm style skirt, added lots of lace flounces, nude illusion arm gauntlets with lace flounces & bedazzled it with Swarovski rhinestone work & hand beading. It's finally done! Take a look!