Possible showings later in the year 2022! 



$400.00 Gift Certificate 1st Place Leslie Valdez
$200.00 Gift Certificate 2nd Place Alyssa Maynard
$100.00 Gift Certificate 3rd Place Mary Saindon
$75.00 Gift Certificate 4th Place Leesha Thompson
$50.00 Gift Certificate 5th Place Lauren King
$40.00 Gift Certificate 6th Place Jatila Van der Veen
All other participants will receive a $25.00 Gift certificate!

Congratulations to the Winners of Our "Dancing at Home Contest" 2020

This was such a challenging year!

$500.00 Gift Card 1st Place Katya Yankelevich
$350.00 Gift Cars 2nd Place was a tie! Jonathan Hibbs & Pam Novak
$250.00 Gift Card 3rd Place was a tie! John Jeffers & Laura Soucek
(winnings are split when there is a tie)

Possible Showings at Dance Events Later in 2022

Available for studio trunk showings, hopefully later in 2022 as well! The best days are Thursdays, Fridays & Saturdays, & occasionally Sundays!

Our Latest Fashion Show at USA Dance Harvest Ball 2019

Showing some of my latest Latin dresses in chocolate browns & gorgeous pinks with touches of bronze & gold in the Swarovski stonework & hand beading are Jessica Gramc, Sue Giorgio, Karen Gates, Gemma Lascio, Jacquelyn Platek, Sonji Mouser & Linda Crystal at the USA Dance Harvest Ball, October 27, 2019. We all had a fabulous & fun time showing off the dresses with rumba moves & such to "Senorita" by Shawn Mendez & Camilla Cabello, being covered with golden ruffly capes, then revealing the dresses as we entered the floor!!

Some of these ballroom dresses are at the site...some with added embellishments & the rest will be soon, if they haven't been sold! Or, if they pique your interest, call Linda at 440-327-7121! 

I always welcome a by appointment visit to my private showroom!

Make an appointment with ample time to try on as many as you desire! There are many more in the private showroom, so…well worth a trip!

*Bring a guest & if your guest makes a purchase, receive a $35.00 gift certificate!

*Win a $25.00, $35.00, $50.00, or $100.00 gift certificate! 

              Get a ticket in the bin for every purchase! 1 ticket for every $100.00 spent! ! Your tickets will stay in the bin for future drawings if you haven’t won!

Client satisfaction is a priority to Crystal’s Creations, so….we would love to hear from you through an email, private message on Facebook or our survey....which will be up soon! Plus…You will be entered in a drawing to win either a gift certificate…or..something beautiful for doing so!

“LIKE” Crystal’s Creations & Dance on Facebook for a chance to win a $25, $50, $100 or $200 gift certificate!!