Swarovski Stonework

Swarovski Stonework is a Specialty 

 Swarovski Rhinestone Embellishing on Ballroom Dance Shoes, Ballroom Dresses & Other Items

 Do you need some sparkle on your ballroom dance shoes? Have your dance shoes or other fashions & items beautifully embellished from a simple touch to as fabulously ornate as you desire! Swarovski rhinestone work on dance shoes is $75.00 & up dependent on how elaborate.

 Would you love to give your tops or social dresses more pizzazz? And, how about the ballroom dress you might already have that needs more glitz? Swarovski rhinestone work & hand beading is a specialty at Crystal's Creations! And, of course, more Swarovski rhinestone work & hand beading can be added to any original dress here at the site, for an extra fee.

In general, depending on what size, color, & the detailing of the Swarovski rhinestone work, the fee for Swarovski rhinestone work on ballroom dresses & other apparel, is $75.00 per gross. If many of the larger fancy shaped Swarovski stones are used, the fee would be $95.00 per gross & up.                                 For more information, call Linda at 440-327-7121

Give your turtlenecks or tops some elegant spice by having detailed Swarovski rhinestone work done on them!

Pricing is $55.00 & up.

Samples of Swarovski Stonework Designs 

Just a few of many Swarovski stonework designs that can be done on your custom ballroom dress, latin dress, swing dress, tango dress or other fashions & items! Any original ballroom dress at the site can be further embellished, as well, if you desire, with an additional fee added in according to how much embellishing you choose to have added. 

Most of the Social Ballroom Dresses make great Ballroom Base dresses to create an extraordinary ballroom competition dress or other creation truly yours alone, as you can also have Swarovski rhinestone work, hand beading, feathers & other embellishments added to those dresses for an extra fee. Choose one of those to have a custom ballroom dress with a simple touch of Swarovski rhinestone work to as fabulously ornate as you desire...or anywhere in between!
Swarovski rhinestones & beads come in a multitude of shapes, sizes plus a vast array of colors!

Let Your Imagination Express Itself!! Stone Your Own!

Put your own creativity into your ballroom dance dress and save some $$$. A few of my clients have opted to stone their own ballroom dance dress.

Check out my tips for Replacing Swarovski Rhinestones! 

If there are other ballroom dresses, Latin dresses, tango dresses, social ballroom dresses or other dance fashions throughout the site that you would like to stone yourself…have questions …or wish to start with a base ballroom dress & create a look totally yours alone…simply contact
linda@crystalscreations.com or 440-327-7121

Swarovski rhinestone work, as well as Custom Glamour Dance Robes & Dance Totes are available by special order.