Special Collections

During the Covid years I have created several exquisite & special ballroom dress collections!
  • Elektra Latin/Rhythm/Tango Dress Collection

    Latin, Rhythm & Tango dresses created in glitter slinky with an awesome electrifying glitter pattern. These dance dresses would be fabulous for a dance studio formation, as well as individual dance routines! Some are classic, simple & great for beginner ballroom dancers & others are fabulously ornate! Take a peek!

  • Silver Swirls Ballroom Dress Collection

    Latin/Rhythm dresses, plus a converta ballroom dress created of a gorgeous silver swirls glitter slinky as the main base teamed with colorful accents of hot pink, deep sea blue, emerald green & other gorgeous accent colors! Check these gorgeous ones out!

  • Our Charming Collection

    A slinky, sleek, elegant Latin/rhythm or tango dress, with classic simplicity, that can always be embellished with Swarovski rhinestone work, from a simple touch to as elabtorately ornate as you desire! Some do have Swarovski rhinestone work.  View now!

  • Serengeti Collection

    Serengeti print slinky or burnout velvet prints teamed with black or other solid colors to create Latin/Rhythm Dresses, Social Ballroom Dance Dresses, Ballroom Dance Skirts & Top Sets, as well as Ballroom Dance Dresses. Shop the Serengeti Look!

  • Tigress Collection

    A special collection of tiger print Latin-rhythm dresses, created primarily, in orange tiger print lycra lavishly embellished in Swarovski rhinestone work, hand beading & some with feathers! Each one of these exotic dresses will have tiger names with special meanings! Be a tigress on the dance floor!

  • Golden Tigress Collection

    If you love gold & tiger prints, there are a select few gold Latin/rhythm dresses here for you, a gold tango/paso doble dress and a matching mask too, with a gold ballroom dress in the works!! Go for the gold!

  • Fall Flowers Collection

    Gorgeous brown ballroom dresses created of luxurious chocolate brown slinky along with a gorgeous fall flowers print chiffon with a subtle sheen to it! There is also one converta ballroom dress! View them now!