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How to Quickly Shorten a Ballroom Dress with Flounces or Ruffles

If you have a ballroom dress or just recently purchased one with flounces or ruffles & find it's a bit too long, with no time to have it profesionally shortened before your ballroom dance event, here is a quick & easy fix!

This technique is very easy to do & also gives the bottom of the ballroom dress a little different & beautiful new look as well! 

Depending on how much you want or need to shorten your ballroom dress with flounces or ruffles, you will take it up by grasping a place in the ruffles/flounces & I suggest starting in the center, then pull that section up to how high you desire it to go. From there, you can either pin from the underside of dress with a safety pin or if you wish the fix to be permanent & you know how to sew a bit, just do 4-6 close whip stitches.   SEE VIDEO