Ballroom Dresses in Progress

Ballroom Dresses in Progress

Here are a few ballroom dresses, Latin/rhythm dresses & tango dresses in progress, most in the beginning stages. I thought it would be fun as well as interesting for you to see how a ballroom, Latin/rhythm or tango dress is made & progresses from beginning to the final work of ballroom dress art!

If you would like to view more of how a Ballroom Dress evolves visit Ballroom Dresses in Progress

Check back to see how they progress!  If you have an interest before these ballroom dresses & Latin/rhythm dresses are finished, you can call Linda Crystal at 440- 327-7121

Here are two more for the "Elektra Latin/Rhythm/Tango Dress Collection"! The black with tanzanite accents with have extensive hand beading. The black with Crystal Ab will have two separate colorful underskirts to switch off for versatility! Look for them complete soon! And, Capala , featured above, is now complete!

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