Black Swan...Black Ballroom Dress is Complete & Gorgeous!!

Black Swan...Black Ballroom Dress is Complete & Gorgeous!!

“Black Swan”, black ballroom dress with feathers is complete!  

And…the gorgeous black ballroom dress with hackle feathers, embellished with jet Hematite & Jet AB Swarovski rhinestone work on nude illusion mesh, “Black Swan” is complete! This gorgeous  ballroom dress is ready to fly into a waltz or foxtrot….fitting a size 1/2-3/4! It will be posted under Ballroom Dresses soon…but…if it piques your interest, call Linda Crystal at 440-327-7121

You have seen the beginning, middle stages & now the final creation of one gorgeous black ballroom dress! This one is called “Black Swan”…& was created on a nude illusion base, featuring black hackle feathers, whisps of black chiffon tricot &  embellished with CAB & Jet hematite Swarovski stonework. 

I have debated to also have some touches of a midnight blue throughout & possibly add more wisps of the chiffon!

It's gorgeous as is, so if you have an interest, call 440-327-7121

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