Black Ballroom Dresses...Works in Progress

Black Ballroom Dresses...Works in Progress

Have fun with peeks at some of my works with black ballroom dresses in progress! 

I will show you the beginning, middle stages & final creation of gorgeous black ballroom dresses! 


This one is called “Black Swan”…& is being created on a nude illusion base, featuring black hackle feathers, whisps of black chiffon tricot & will be embellished with CAB & Jet hematite Swarovski stonework. It may also have some touches of a midnight blue throughout…will decide on that as I’m creating!

Check back in a couple of days to see what has been added to this fabulous black ballroom dress! And if it piques your interest, feel free to contact me!

Meantime, you can check out some other black ballroom dresses that are ready to ship & be danced in….Enchanted Garden & Slinky Fiesta

Back with progress on this gorgeous black ballroom dress that’s in the works…with the start of embellishing with Swarovski stonework in black hematite & a touch of Swarovski jet ABS…looking gorgeous! Does it pique your interest yet? If so, contact Linda at 440-327-7121. And… keep checking back for progress on it!

Meantime….if  black ballroom dresses are a favorite of yours…check out Butterfly ,  a great Tango Dress as well!

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