Newest Tango Dress in Now done!

Newest Tango Dress in Now done!

Voila! The newest tango dress …still in progress…almost finished! Created in a rose/burgandy hologram lycra with touches of orange… overlayed with a gorgeous black stretch lace embellished with Swarovski stonework of orange hyacynth, paparadscha, burgandy, & light pink AB that is unfoiled, thus, just giving a hint of the pink that is within the hologram fabric!

I still have some Swarovski work to finish…plus debating on a glove on the right, left …or both!  It will fit a size 1/2-5/6….so…if it peaks your interest…call Linda Crystal at 440 -327-7121

It will be finished soon….and on a live model at the website…so…keep checking back!  This tango dress is now done...and it's called Spicy!

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