Tigress Latin Dress Collection In Progress

Tigress Latin Dress Collection In Progress

If you have a deep passion for animal print Latin dresses…then…one of these …some Latin dresses set on nude illusion…others with chandelle feathers, as well as others having beading fringe & other features to make them a fabulous tiger print tango dress as well…may be for you!

 Right now, these Latin dresses are still in progress, two of the Tiger print Latin dresses have lattice work detailing throughout. The other two Tiger print Latin dresses are styled in a way to be also worn as a “purrfectly” fabulous  tiger print Tango dress.  The black velvet & tiger print Latin dress on the left will have long beaded fringe!

 So…check back here often… to see how these four tiger print Latin Dresses progress over the next few weeks! The next step is the Swarovski stonework & hand beading that will be done…quite elaborately on most!  On the near horizon of this Tigress Latin Dress Collection will also be at least one Tiger print smooth dress!

Swarovski rhinestone of oranges & maybe a touch of black hematite work will be created on this one! I plan on it being very elaborate…possibly some drop Swarovski hand beading!

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