Copy of Custom Fringy Latin/Rhythm Dance Pantsuits

 Have a fringy Latin/Rhythm dance pantsuit custom created especially for YOU in your color choice! These were all custom created! Most are all one piece, with some being two piece & able to switch to another skirt for a different look!  You can also have more or less Swarovski rhinestone work. Pricing will be dependant on fabric choices, length & amount of fringe as well as amount of Swarovski rhinestone work and/or hand beading.

Plum-Fringy Latin/Rhythm Dance Pantsuit .Variations are $1200.00 & up

Gold Hologram-Fringy Latin/Rhythm Dance Pantsuit. Variations are $1200.00 & up

Jeanette-Fringy Latin/Rhythm Pantsuit. Variations are $1600.00 & up.
Purple Hologram-Latin/Rhythm Pantsuit. Variations are $1800.00 & up.
Roz-Fringy Latin/Rhythm Pantsuit. Variations are $1800.00 & up
Liz-Fringy Latin-Rhythm Pantsuit. Variations are $1800.00 & up.
Darlene-Latin/Rhythm Pantsuit. Variations are $1800.00 & up.
Lillian-Red Fringy Latin/Rhythm Panstsuit. Variations are $1200.00 & up.