With my background of creating fashions since I was a young girl, plus being in the ballroom dance business since 1981, I have created with a deep passion, a line of exquisite ballroom dance dresses in many styles, colors, sizes & price ranges! Work with me, be part of our team & help find homes for these beauties, earn extra income & enjoy other benefits! If you qualify, to start, you can earn 10% of each sale you make on regular priced dresses, & 2% on those that are marked down or on sale! You will also get 10% off of any dress, fashions or items you wish to purchase for yourself, & get a pair of FREE Swarovski custom made earrings for each sale of $3000.00. All three of these offers are available for those of you that sign up & are chosen from the applications until September 1, 2024. Those that are chosen in that time frame will still get all three of those perks until January 1, 2025.

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